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Influencer Marketing Automation

Narrators is an AI-powered web and mobile marketing platform designed to scale influencer marketing with micro and macro influencers. The platform is integrated with Facebook and Instagram, offering geographic, psychographic and performance characteristics of influencers and their audience.

Match influencers with your brands and target audience. Search our database of 500,000 content creators using multiple data points on both influencers and their audience:

  • Location
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Audience credibility score
  • Topics of influence
  • Average engagement rate
  • Past collaboration with brands
  • Topics and brands affinity


Our community of micro-influencers are rewarded based on the performance of their content which is tracked real time on our platform. In effect, we take away the responsibility of managing influencer contracts and rewards from our clients.

All-in-one system of record to manage, expand, validate and scale your global influencer marketing campaigns.

Our proprietary algorithm calculates influencers payment using a dynamic, performance media model.

Your budget depletes real time based on the social engagement that the content you approved generates (like, shares, comments, video views).

What Our Clients Say

"We decided to work with Narrators because of their unique business model wherein influencers are rewarded based on the performance of their content. Add in the intuitive nature of their platform, we really enjoyed great support from their on-ground team who are very easy to work with primarily due to their can-do attitude. They gave us a concrete way of measuring the value of the content, even beyond the life cycle of the campaign."
Communication Manager, J&J
"We’ve done influencer campaigns in the past, and identified pain points that were addressed through the help of efficient tools such as that of the Narrators platform. The entire campaign was seamless from start to finish because of it, and everyone on the Narrators team was very helpful and easy to work with! The campaign we ran with them was to establish brand love, and Narrators really helped us garner positive sentiments from our market. We were not only able to tap into our audience, but also exceeded our target reach.”
Ailla Magcamit
Social Media , Grab Philippines

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