Get a grip on influencer analytics with Narrators intuitive platform

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Get a grip on influencer analytics with Narrators intuitive platform 1

Influencer marketing is one of the most effective strategies to increase your brand’s visibility, credibility, awareness, and ROI. But how do you know if an influencer marketing campaign is going well? It takes more than just a feeling, and without any data or analytics to fuel your strategy, you’ll be going in blind. Planning and implementing every aspect of an influencer marketing campaign isn’t easy and can be quite a challenge for brands. You’re wondering how to overcome such challenges? This is where Narrators comes in.

At Narrators, we spent months to design, code and test a unique algorithm providing exceptional deep data on each influencer, tracking their performance and measuring your campaign success to maximise ROI. Developed to help brands streamline their influencer marketing campaigns, the platform provides meaningful metrics from a 1.5M influencer database and gives real-time performance data within side panels packed with analytics.


What are those analytics and why are they important for your business growth?

 Analytics add another dimension to influencer marketing. A place of data and statistics that helps you measure the performance of your marketing strategy and gain a better understanding of how people are engaging with your business.


  • Understanding your audience

First thing first, see how Narrators provides you with insights into your current audience’s demographics and behaviours.

A relevant influencer shares content relevant to your business and industry and needs to have an audience that aligns with your target market. At Narrators, we designed a unique influencer analytics panel allowing you to get a 360° view of your influencer’s active audience to ensure his network aligns with your brand goals.

Statistics delivered by the influencer analytics panel, such as audience insights, are crucial information that helps you evaluate efficiently the influencer and make sure his audience aligns with your ideal customers.

Audience demographics are segmented by location, gender, age, and interest allowing you to create personas for your target market. Knowing your influencer audience will help you target specific markets, adapt your brief and marketing messages, and create campaigns that resonate with the influencer’s followers.

Some analytics include:

  • Instagram audience country & city ratio               
  • Instagram audience gender ratio
  • Influencer latest hashtags & mentions
  • Audience & Influencer interests

Get a grip on influencer analytics with Narrators intuitive platform 2


On top of that, the influencer dashboard also reveals real-time key performance data of the influencer including audience credibility score, potential reach and latest cost per engagement.

Some analytics include:

  • Audience credibility score                                
  • Latest cost per engagement                             
  • Average likes
  • Potential reach
  • Number of campaign joined till date
  • Average comments

Get a grip on influencer analytics with Narrators intuitive platform 3


For brands, establishing and maintaining longevity in influencer marketing is about choosing the right influencer and locking into the right activation strategy. Thus, accessing influencer analytics gives relevant insights on the value of the influencer and suitability to represent your brand.


  • Effectively measure the campaign’s impact

KPIs and analytics can shed a light on whether or not your influencer marketing campaign is a success. Some analytics such as earned media value or the average engagement rate can help you see how well your campaign has fared.

Get a grip on influencer analytics with Narrators intuitive platform 4


Narrators campaign analytics dashboard also allows you to get meaningful metrics such as the number of views, likes and comments the whole campaign generated. Our real-time statistics show you calculations of your total earned media value as well as a summary of all media engagements. 


Get a grip on influencer analytics with Narrators intuitive platform 5


Know which influencer performs the best

By exploring your campaign analytics you will have greater insight into how influencers are impacting your campaign and brand goals. With Narrators, identify which partnerships bring the most value and understand how much your entire campaign earned.

Our campaign analytics dashboard includes a  “Top contributors” feature, allowing you to easily know which influencers contributed the best to your campaign and get the most engagement. This functionality helps you to keep track of the influencers you might want to select for the next campaign. Remember! Working in the long-term with influencers might turn them into real brand advocates.


Get a grip on influencer analytics with Narrators intuitive platform 6

Running a successful influencer program requires proper planning and execution, and measuring the success of your campaign and KPIs accurately may seem like a tough task. However, using an influencer marketing platform will help to track the performance of your campaigns, know which influencers perform the best and help you plan your future influencer marketing strategy.

Narrators offers the tools you need to perform a complete influencer analysis. To learn more about the different features within our platform, feel free to contact us!


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