Octa x Narrators – Driving growth through an always-on influencer marketing strategy

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Octa, a leading trading broker with over 40 million active accounts globally and more than a decade of market experience, is seeking to expand its user base and enhance its presence in the Southeast Asia region. Despite a solid position in the forex trading industry, the brand is aiming to reach a wider audience to boost app downloads and registrations.


Octa is leveraging social media influencer marketing to optimise performance and establish a sense of loyalty and trust. Collaborating with the Narrators platform and agency since 2022, the brand has engaged more than 100 influencers across Singapore and Malaysia, launching numerous campaigns on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

Recognising the importance of a creator’s voice and authenticity, Octa and Narrators committed to long-term influencer relationships with an always-on campaign strategy. Targeting influencers with niches in finance, investment, and lifestyle, the collaboration focused on creating engaging video content to capture and sustain audience attention. Building these enduring connections brings significant value to Octa as these influencers evolve into authentic advocates for the brand.

Narrators' platform management

The Narrators platform streamlines the entire campaign process, from influencer discovery and recruitment to execution and measurement. Octa uses the platform to publish briefs, engage influencers based on relevant interests and audiences, leverage the expertise of dedicated local account and community managers. Throughout the campaign, these managers continually monitor performance and offer recommendations to enhance the brand’s long-term investment strategy.


The ongoing partnership between Octa and Narrators continues to yield millions in reach and engagement. Some top-performing influencers include:

  • Overkill Singapore (April, 2023): 285 link clicks, 106 mobile app registrations
  • Sneaky Sushii (December, 2023): 180 link clicks, 63 mobile app registrations

By using the Narrators platform, Octa not only tracks and evaluates the success of its program but also adapts its investment for long-term effectiveness. The results underscore the strength of Octa’s influencer marketing approach and highlight the efficiency achieved through Narrators’ fully managed service, driven by data and automation.

The collaborative efforts between Octa and Narrators continue to showcase the potential of influencer marketing in achieving sustained growth, brand awareness, and user engagement.