Revolutionizing Forex Trading in Singapore and Malaysia: OctaFX's Influencer Marketing Success Story

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OctaFX, a leading Forex broker with over a million active traders across 100 countries, aimed to enhance their brand recognition and establish their credibility in Singapore and Malaysia. To achieve this, they decided to leverage the power of influencer marketing and partnered with Narrators to recruit a team of influencers to promote their trading app in the region.


The main aim of the campaign was to showcase the features of the OctaFX trading app and encourage people to sign up for it. Narrators successfully recruited a team of 11 influencers, consisting of seven Instagram content creators and four YouTubers. These influencers were carefully selected to ensure that they had a strong following in the target markets and were able to create captivating content that would resonate with the local audience. The influencers were tasked with creating engaging content that highlighted the features of the OctaFX trading app and also shared their own experiences of using the app. This approach helped to establish credibility and build trust with the target audience.


The campaign was a huge success, with the team of 11 content creators generating a reach of 1.6 million and 195,000 engagements. OctaFX’s partnership with Narrators in Singapore and Malaysia was a great example of how influencer marketing can be used to enhance brand recognition and establish credibility. By leveraging the power of social media influencers, OctaFX was able to reach a wider audience, generate buzz around their trading app, and build trust with potential customers.

Influencers                     11
Reach                               1.6M
Engagements                 195K