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Narrators was started in 2015 by three digital marketing visionaries: Laurent Verrier, Clara Chen and Danny Cheok. They have combined decades of experience working in the digital and social media landscape, and together, they envisioned to offer a fast and easy online resource tool to manage influencer marketing campaigns at scale.

Primarily headquartered in Singapore, Narrators is now the leading micro-influencer marketing platform in Asia, and boasts of a synergized team spread across the different markets it operates in:

🇸🇬 Singapore・🇲🇾 Malaysia・🇦🇺 Australia
🇮🇩 Indonesia・🇵🇭 Philippines・🇹🇭 Thailand
🇰🇷 South Korea・🇭🇰 Hong Kong・🇹🇼 Taiwan・🇳🇿 New Zealand


Generate social content, reach, engagements and social commerce at scale by matching brands and social media creators.


Leverage data and technology to gain marketing efficiencies and in the process, improve the livelihood of the largest community of social media content creators.


At the core of Narrators is a delicate balance between developing technologies that encourage transparency, human interaction, and experiments with business models that add value to the industry.

Practicing what we preach in our Community Manifesto, Narrators routinely examine the authenticity of what we create and publish these findings as we grow with the industry. We also believe that to protect the integrity of our industry, all stakeholders have a role to play: the platforms, the brands and influencers.

Be honest

Share only content that you have created or own rights to. We need to develop an industry that recognizes trust placed on us by clients, agencies and influencers. We can’t accept anyone trying to cheat. We want emulation, not unfair behavior from any kind.

Be respectful

We have zero tolerance if you share content that promote forbidden practices. We can’t accept content or guidelines specifying that a certain group of people could be excluded based on origins or race. We also refuse to promote hate speech against any individual, group of people or institutions. We are a non-violent and non-explicit company and can’t accept such content on our platform. As such, we can’t promote pornography or nudity even with artistic purpose as the content is open to the public.

Be responsible

We do our best to offer the best campaigns to the communities we build. We strive to serve and sustain healthy relationships with all influencers, every day as they are the central part of what we do. And it is our role to constantly remind them that they have influence, and people follow them for stories they share, and they have to be aware of the caution this entails.