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People trust people. Streamline your influencer marketing campaigns with Narrators’ dual-sided platform fueled by a database of 500K influencers.

Headquartered in Singapore, the Narrators award-winning influencer marketing platform operates in several markets across the region including Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, South Korea, Hong Kong and Thailand to name a few.

Make the most of your influencer marketing program with Narrators

Create your campaign on Narrators Influencer Marketing Platform

Create your campaign in minutes

Highlight your target objectives and KPIs to clearly set your expectations. Create a brief including the campaign purpose, key messages, deliverables, content format, hashtags & brand mentions.

Find the right influencers

Identify the right influencers from over 500K accounts across Asia. Select the most effective influencers based on in-depth socio-demo, geolocation, topics and brand affinity of influencers’ active audiences.

Find the right influencers on Narrators Influencer Marketing Platform
Narrators - Streamline your workflow

Streamline your workflow

Run more efficient and higher impact marketing campaigns. See the value of each piece of creative content, approve, reject, or request modifications before it goes live. Once the approved content goes live, keep track of the campaign performance with our real-time analytics dashboard.

Legal Compliance

Take control of your brand safety, manage legal requirements, influencer contracts and payment tracking all-in-one place. With Narrators, you have full rights over the campaign content that you can re-use for your brand’s digital social marketing needs.

Legal Compliance on Narrators Influencer Marketing Platform
Real-time Analytics on Narrators Influencer Marketing Platform

Real-time analytics

Closely measure your campaign performance and ROI based on real-time statistics in one efficient dashboard. Access meaningful metrics including engagement, total reach, top contributors & more, and analyse the performance and efficiency of your investments to guide future budget allocation.

Influencer Marketing is easier with Narrators

Influencers have almost replaced linear TV. They are the chosen, opt-in micro-media channels of choice of Gen Z and Millennials and when activated together at scale, perform as mass media.

Brands & agencies need to approach influencer marketing with a holistic & long-term strategic plan. At Narrators, we work alongside a huge community of content creators to create authentic, story-driven content that lives beyond the campaign and that is optimized for brand recognition and conversion.

Customer Stories

See how leading brands are using Narrators to efficiently create and manage their influencer marketing campaigns.


Gautam Narang, Marketing Manager

Good experience on our campaigns with set benchmarks being met on reach & engagement. The team stretched further to ensure we get the right set of influencers for our campaign despite the selection criteria not being very easy. Good SG representation of Influencers Accountable servicing team. Robust and timely updates.


Erfan Hidayat, Head of Digital Home Care

Professional account team with a seamless process from briefing, recruiting KOL, managing KOL, and tracking performance and reporting. Easy to review post, approve/reject, download KOL output, track progress. Overall good performance and delivers as per pitch. Happy to consider it again.

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