Campaign Asia Tech MVP 2021: Narrators awarded Most Valuable Tech Product 2021

Campaign Asia-Pacific, Tech MVP 2021 for Narrators

Singapore, May 2021 – Campaign Asia-Pacific is thrilled to announce the winners of its inaugural list celebrating the region’s most technically innovative products that serve the marcomms industry.

This is the first time we have dedicated a project to celebrating technology talent and products in the Asia-Pacific region, and we had strict criteria, which we developed alongside tech leaders in the industry to ensure the legitimacy of the list. As a consequence, the quality of entries we received was astonishing.

Most Valuable Product was open to businesses that operate within, or provide a service to, advertising and marketing. The list honours products that have been either developed out of Asia-Pacific, or have been significantly tailored to the region, that demonstrate originality, scalability and business success.

Businesses that submitted to the list were measured across five key criteria: originality, scalability, business strategy, success, and continuous investment. A rigourous judging process combined quantitative grading (each entry was scored across the five criteria for a total score out of 25), with qualitative analysis.

The judging was conducted by a panel of senior tech professionals consisting of:

  • David Uchimoto, director of engineering, The Trade Desk
  • Ian Hocking, VP digital, South China Morning Post
  • Kaythaya Maw, chief technology officer APAC, Wunderman Thompson
  • Roshni Chatterjee, head of marketing and community, Jungle Ventures
  • Rupert Privett, APAC lead, Ad-lib Digital
  • Jessica Goodfellow, deputy editor and technology lead, Campaign Asia-Pacific.

The 10 MVPs below ticked all the necessary boxes and more. Their innovations positively disrupt the industry by reimagining targeting in a cookieless, privacy-compliant way, fixing inefficiences in consumer insight collection, improving brand safety, connecting brands with influencers, digitising offline assets and offering new methods of content creation and distribution. We hope their stories will show how Asia-Pacific is leading in tech innovation, and inspire more entrepreneurs and developers to tell their stories.

Campaign Asia Tech MVP 2021: Narrators awarded Most Valuable Tech Product 2021 1


Founded in Singapore in 2015, the Narrators product is an on-demand, self-serve web and mobile platform that connects brands and agencies with what it claims is the largest Asian community of social media Influencers and Content Creators.

Currently, the platform boasts a database of over 500,000 influencers across Asia, with a community of over 20,000 influencers who installed the Narrators Mobile app, representing a total potential audience reach of 315 million. For brands and agencies, Narrators prides itself on the quantity, quality, frequency and velocity of posts or social signals it can deliver and track through the platform.

Narrators was built to solve two main problems. Firstly, it seeks to put much-needed money in the pocket and enhance the livelihood of Asian content creators who drive the creativity of the social web. Secondly, it seeks to offer large FMCG companies a scaled connection to Gen Z and millennial audiences, which traditional media has been gradually losing.

Since launching, Narrators has expanded its footprint to nine markets including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand. It has worked with brands including Heineken, H&M, Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, L’Oréal, Nestle, and Samsung.

Growth is continuing. In 2020, despite the complete halt of business in April, Narrators claims to have achieved a combined 15% revenue increase over 2019. It has increased its product range as well. While Narrators is tailored to large FMCG firms only, in 2020 it developed and launched a Covid-inspired initiative called Tokotown to support SMEs, particularly in the F&B and retail sectors. It will soon launch a new tool to help influencers measure and analyse the performance of their content, get in-depth insights into their audience demographics, and better manage their collaborations with brands and agencies.

Tech MVP jury members awarded the platform a top grade for its originality and continuous investment, while acknowledging its strong client list.

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