Social Media Influence in the Education system – Thailand

educators in thailand become influencers

Education is a trendy market and one that is very much tapped into. 

There are a lot of schools in Thailand, and a lot of social media marketing is in place for education. These platforms majorly focus on building the brand image of an already established school or an educator using his page to teach his followers. By teaching their followers, they then end up keying into the private tutoring market and creating a steady niche. Social media marketing in Thailand for education is something you can definitely key into, but first, you need to fully recognise your strengths. If you want to create awareness about your school, you are competing with hundreds of other marketers to get the attention of parents and students. It could be tough getting them to see the benefits of choosing you, and with that, you are welcome to the world of education marketing. So, how do you get them to pick you? Our guide will get you started on social media marketing in Thailand for education. Let’s begin.

Focusing on an influencer niche

If you are an educator, it is best to focus on a single subject rather than keying into almost all of them. Focusing on a niche lets your followers know that you know what you are doing. Would you instead go for someone who says he can teach English, maths, Spanish, history and four other subjects or someone who teaches just English? So, your posts should be around a single niche.

Provide value

Of course, as an educator, there is no doubt that you will be imparting knowledge in your followers. Create a social media plan where you focus on specific topics for each day and your followers know what to expect from you. Consistency and quality content is a major player here.

Keying into other factors

If you own a school, you can also key into some real estate pages. Schools also have impacts on related local markets. Just take a look at homes, for example. When people are moving into a new town or city, they always want to know where the “best” schools are, because a lot of them also have children. The real estate agents always have this information handy. How did they form a view? Because each school issues marketing messages, either for better or for worse. The messages can be open, as in school booklets, or Subliminals, as in the attitudes perceived by those watching. This external understanding directly affects the ability (or not) of a school to attract students and, therefore, to finance them. It also affects how a school retains qualified resources, which in turn influences academic results, which affects its ability to attract students… and the cycle goes on.

The public perception of a school can be severely damaged by events that take only a few minutes to undermine what it has taken months or years to create. An online presence also creates another image in the minds of people. Let’s look at a scenario. In a large community where there is a college at a vantage point, but somehow, a lot of people would instead go several miles to look for another school rather than picking this college shows that there is something flawed in the perception people have of them. Since perception is greatly influenced by what goes on online, it is not hard to guess that the social media presence is lacking. Sustained improvement in opinion depends on many elements. Here are some ways to create a good impression online:

Using your staff members

Can communications with school stakeholders be improved, and are there many? Do your staff members give good news about the school? Do you provide them with a reason to discuss fantastic things about your school with others? Is it practical to enrich the national curriculum in some way and, therefore, add value to a student’s experience? Can the skills and knowledge of school teachers be conveyed in new and exciting ways that differentiate your school from competitors? Social media marketing in Thailand for education could be very successful if you make use of the social media platforms of your staff members to convey a positive message about your school.

Using parents

How do you find out what parents need from school so that they also sing your praises? A marketing plan can help you address these points. This marketing plan can be done in a way that the parents will believe they have a voice in all matters affecting their wards and the school. The perception you create here is one that shows the parents as people who are listened to. Who doesn’t want to go to a school where they pay attention to your concerns and suggestions? This sort of marketing plan makes a real and positive contribution to the success of a school. It provides a common purpose in which all members of the school can participate.

Engaging posts

It’s one thing to teach new things using your social media page, and it is another thing to connect with your audiences and get them to respond. You can successfully do this by asking tricky questions that require answers. You could even run a poll. Let’s look at the basic features in some common social media platforms that you can make use of.

Twitter has a character limit, but you are allowed to make threads. This is very convenient for insightful post where you teach something new to your followers. There is also a poll option which can be used for questions with multiple options. This can also be used to seek opinion on what you think you are doing right or wrong

This platform focuses mainly on pictures, so you need to capture heartwarming moments. It is great to have photos of students while they are having fun during extracurricular activities or during serious moments when they are reading in the library.

This is a simple guide to building your social media page as an educator. It is undoubtedly fruitful to tap into social media marketing in Thailand for education.

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