TikTok & Instagram Influencer Marketing Case Study

It’s nothing new that TikTok has given influencers a vehicle to empower their audiences to make healthier skin choices. In fact, since 2020, and in particular during the onset of the pandemic, social media platforms like TikTok, pushed the discovery and accessibility of skin care products through short-form educational and engaging video content.

Driving mass awareness on TikTok and Instagram 1
Driving mass awareness on TikTok and Instagram 2

Although TikTok has proven that it’s an effective platform to gain massive brand awareness, most brands are just now beginning to experiment with paid influencer partnerships. Such as D Program, the Shiseido owned Japanese skincare brand, which was considering TikTok to reach out to their target audiences in Vietnam to:

Strengthen its brand identity, especially about the brand’s solutions related to skin problems 

Assess the authenticity of reviews and build credibility for both brands and products

Increase brand consumption and consumer conversation on social media


Although the brand was still very active on several channels – early 2021 D Program launched an always on regional influencer campaign powered by Narrators on Instagram – they decided to extend their brand exposure on TikTok, to promote their delicate skin program in Vietnam.

Carefully choosing its influencers to boost authenticity

When it comes to developing digital & social marketing campaigns, it is important to keep authenticity in mind from the very early stages of building a strategy and D Program always wanted their influencer marketing strategy to ring true, genuine and authentic. That’s why the brand used the Narrators platform to recruit influencers according to their audience quality, content history and brand affinity (with high engagement and interest into the skincare category).

Narrators influencers were tasked to submit 2 posts with a different timeline.

First post: all influencers shouted out that they received D Program products and that they will start using them for the next 2 weeks. (1x TikTok video)

Second post: posting the result after daily usage and sharing the experience on using D program. (1x TikTok video)

Driving mass awareness on TikTok and Instagram 3


By using Narrators’ TikTok influencer search tool, D Program was able to discover and select 40 beauty & skincare micro-influencers that match its brand image and values. 80 authentic, engaging and educational posts were created during the campaign, generating 11M reach and 1.5M engagements, which over-delivered the campaign goals.

Driving mass awareness on TikTok and Instagram 4


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