Why go for micro-influencers?

Consumer depends on influencers
Marketers to engage with influencers
Teens trust influencers
Millennials using ad blocking

Influencer marketing is no longer just about reach. Globally, there is a shift from a ‘reach-based’ preference to an ‘engagement-based’ kind of marketing. Meaningful interactions are what brands now aim for, and micro-influencers are the best way to do that. They generate more organic and higher engagements vs. traditional macro influencers, whilst providing a comparable level of reach.

Global Index Study on Millennials

Why Narrators?

Narratrs has been helping brands build their micro-influencer communities since 2015, and we specialize in matching brands with the influencers who would be most fit to tell their stories based on precise audience data and qualitative studies.

We have the tools to give our clients the most accurate and updated data to help in decision-making, while fostering a global community of influencers brands can easily tap into to tell their stories in the most organic and authentic way possible.

We operate globally, and also have the local expertise to work with brands and influencers as we have teams working in Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Latin America.

Why work with us?

First in APAC

We span our expertise across 10 markets including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea, Australia, Taiwan, Thailand, HK, Philippines, New Zealand.

Content at Scale

CMO’s concern is the challenge to create always-on content for products and services. Beyond brand content, sourcing new content is costly and tedious.

Sales impact

According to a Tomson study, businesses earn $6.50 for each dollar spent on influencers with the top 13% earning $20 or even more. That’s a significant return on investment.

From FMCG to Financial Services...

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