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In a report by the World Health Organization in 2010, this organization ranked Singapore in sixth place among the 100 best health systems in the world. Currently, Singapore has several hospitals and medical centres accredited by the regulatory body. In general, any type of medical treatment you may need is available in Singapore at a reasonable cost and high quality of service.

The health care infrastructure in Singapore consists of public and private health facilities, and both offer high-quality medical care, but generally a different level of service and comfort. When patients are satisfied with a particular service, they do not hesitate to talk about their experiences with a hospital or health care provider through several online channels. These opinions do resonate and go on to shape the perception of others about your brand. This new form of “word of mouth” marketing can best be described as brand advocacy. The companies that operate today have discovered this marketing key. Without a doubt, the only sure way for sustained organic growth is to have happy and satisfied clients who do not hesitate to tell their friends and family about their experiences. When customers become active advocates of your products/services, they will convince many others to follow their path.

The healthcare industry and their consumers, that is, patients, are no different. Patients are the digital health decision-makers of the new era. In this age of social media, they have multiple channels to access health-related information and the power to make their decisions by going for a health care provider or refer a doctor to family and friends. By turning your satisfied patients into your brand advocates, you can capitalize and use their voice as an effective marketing strategy to reach many other potential patients. Many healthcare companies and hospitals have begun to recognize the positive effects of brand advocacy. To take full advantage of this massive marketing channel, there is an essential need to develop marketing plan strategies with a more patient-centred approach.

In the past, the reputation of a health care provider was based primarily on word of mouth recommendations from friends, family members or another provider. However, online reputation management is something that health care practices can no longer overlook.
Today, finding and selecting a doctor is more than verifying that a doctor has experience and qualification. Patients are actively searching and reading online rankings and review sites. They are evaluating a doctor or office based on a myriad of components, such as cleanliness, customer service delivery, dealing with patients and parking.

A large number of people would go for a product with a lot of positive reviews than one that has negative reviews. This shows how many online reviews shape the perception of consumers. A lot of patients still go on to check the qualifications of doctors and specialists for their decision-making process. Therefore, maintaining a positive reputation online is key to promoting a successful business. With this in mind, medical practices need to monitor and track what is said about them online. Although many doctors are sceptical about online reviews, particularly negative reviews, more health care providers are using this data as a means to assess their performance. Online ratings and reviews allow doctors to understand better and make operational improvements in the patient’s experience. In today’s competitive healthcare market, online reputation could be what distinguishes one doctor from another, especially when the cost of care and location are similar.

How can doctors develop strategies and create powerful brand advocates?

Create content that people fall in love with

Regularly publish articles, messages, tips and blogs to educate your patients and schedule your publication on popular social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or via emails. This helps establish a sense of trust and credibility about their practice among all patients and other readers who may be potential patients in the future. High-quality and easy-to-share content help build loyalty along with a positive reputation. These factors could determine how much your practice grows.

Strengthen relationships.

Be a faithful representative of the interests of your patients. When interacting with them, be sure always to provide information that is scientifically correct, impartial and useful. Once people know that they can affirmatively trust the health information you share, this will help develop a sense of trust and loyalty. The development of any serious medical condition is always a sensitive matter for a person. When patients benefit from consulting you or reading any information you share on several online channels, they will definitely respond with confidence and share it with their family and friends.

Use contents that focus on your patients
Use your social media page to encourage satisfied patients to talk about their experiences with your brand. People like to tell their stories and leveraging on contents provided by your customers is a super move. The content can be in the form of customer stories, videos, reviews and testimonials of your brand’s reputation. Use this treasure and distribute that content to your social media platforms.

Offer excellent services

The simple truth is that exceptional experience for your patients can turn them into great brand advocates. Therefore, be sure to provide your patients with the best health care services and always be available for communication. Transparency in services and an open approach to improvement are decisive factors that can make patients become brand advocates.

In simple words, you can make your patients your brand advocates. This depends on the quality of your services, your patient’s satisfaction, and how well you can tell their stories. Making your patients become cheerleaders of your brand is the marketing heaven. Brand advocates do much more than helping you build a positive online reputation. They will also communicate with your prospective clients in a much more powerful way than any content your brand can create.

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