Case Study for Avon with TikTok influencers

The beauty of doing good with TikTok influencers 1
The beauty of doing good with TikTok influencers 2

In its continuing effort to promote an eco-friendly lifestyle for the benefit of the environment, the famous personal care and direct selling retailer, Avon, decided to launch its new sustainable line of products in the Philippines, by activating a TikTok influencer campaign. The Philippines is a vast market of internet-savvy consumers ready to engage with trending social media platforms such as TikTok. A golden opportunity for brands aiming to reach younger audiences and increase brand awareness in a highly playful environment.

Driven by strategic influencer partnerships, Avon executed a successful launch of its Beauty of Doing Good campaign on social media, delivering high results with the support of Narrators’ self-serve influencer marketing platform.


The goal of Avon Beauty of Doing Good campaign was not only to spread awareness for the new product launch and to encourage product trial but also, more importantly, to promote sustainable ways of living. Thus, Avon leveraged Narrators and its unique TikTok influencer search tool to identify and work with 30 Philippines TikTokers, into sustainable living and environmentally-friendly habits. The entire campaign, from brief publication, influencer discovery and recruitment, campaign execution and measurement, was managed in the Narrators platform.

The beauty of doing good with TikTok influencers 3


A total of 30 TikTok videos was produced throughout the campaign, of which the recorded volume of reach and engagement highly overperformed Avon’s goals. The curated content was vibrant, attention-grabbing, and truly showcased the values of the brand while generating significant audience engagement and inspiration for Avon’s customers.

The beauty of doing good with TikTok influencers 4
The beauty of doing good with TikTok influencers 5


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