The growing value of always-on
influencer strategies

TikTok’s surge in popularity has proven to be consistent throughout Singapore, with a reported Singapore user base of 2.09 million users. With such rapid growth, TikTok presents a massive opportunity for marketers to maximize their brand’s potential. However, becoming the first platform of choice by thousands of beauty brands, it can be challenging to stand out from the crowd and go viral on Tiktok. Thus, Maybelline was eager to understand how to expand its influencer marketing strategies to this exciting new platform and how Narrators could help.


Maybelline wanted to generate brand awareness by leveraging original social content to drive sales amongst millennials in Singapore and decided to partner with Narrators to get their new “Maybelline Fit Me” products line into Tiktok influencer’s hands. By integrating TikTok into our influencer discovery, campaign management, and reporting capabilities, we provided Maybelline an extended influencer relationship management tool and guidance on how to launch a successful influencer marketing campaign on our platform.


With Narrators TikTok influencer search tool, Maybelline carefully selected 14 beauty and skincare enthusiasts TikTokers based in Singapore. Influencers were tasked to create fun and spontaneous short videos recording their no-makeup-makeup look in perfect sync with Maybelline provided soundtrack. 14 pieces of bright, natural and appealing content were curated, in line with the beauty giant brand values. The Tiktok activation exceeded Maybelline’s brand awareness and engagement goals generating 400K reach and 40K engagements.

After the successful launch of their first TikTok campaign with Narrators, Maybelline decided to adopt an always-on influencer strategy, creating a long-term approach for their TikTok influencer marketing initiatives. This paved the way for our second and third Tiktok campaigns with Maybelline, where more of their products were featured on Narrators’ SG TikToker pages. This always-on influencer activation allows building a better relationship between Maybelline and the influencers rather than one-off, transactional partnerships.


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