The Rise of Long-Form Content: Transforming Social Media Dynamics and the Creator Economy

Influencer Marketing 2024


The landscape of influencer marketing is witnessing a significant shift towards longer video formats on social media platforms. Instagram, for instance, advises creators that “the length of your reel may be impacting its reach. Reels that are more than 30 seconds usually perform better.” This trend underscores a strategic move designed to enhance engagement and viewer retention, vital for influencers, content creators, brands and agencies.

The Push Towards Longer Videos

In an effort to boost user engagement, Instagram and TikTok are actively encouraging influencers to extend their video lengths and are increasingly promoting longer, landscape-oriented videos. This strategic shift is not only about adapting to user preferences but also about competing with YouTube, which has long dominated the long-form video space. As these major platforms adapt their formats, they set the stage for a transformative shift in how content is created and consumed, making it essential for influencers and brands to rethink their approach to video content.

Impact on Influencer Content and Engagement

The encouragement towards longer videos enables influencers to provide more in-depth narratives, enhance detailed explanations, and engage more profoundly with their audience. This approach is especially beneficial for micro-influencers, who can leverage extended formats to delve deeper into tutorials, reviews, or personal stories, thus driving higher engagement and strengthening their positions in the influencer marketing ecosystem.

Adapting to New Content Lengths

Influencers and brands must rethink their content strategies to adapt to longer video formats. Longer videos offer the perfect canvas for detailed project walkthroughs, extensive product tests, or engaging personal stories, which are increasingly demanded by audiences on platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

TikTok's Strategic Shift Towards Longer Content

In a significant pivot from its roots in short-form content, TikTok is now encouraging both creators and viewers to embrace longer video formats. In their latest initiative, the “Creativity Programme Beta,” creators are incentivised to produce videos exceeding one minute in length to qualify for monetisation. This change underscores TikTok’s evolving strategy over the past three years, during which the platform has methodically expanded its video length limits. Initially capping videos at one minute, TikTok has successively increased this to three, five, and even ten minutes. Currently, the platform is experimenting with allowing uploads of up to 15 minutes, although this feature is still in the testing phase and not yet broadly available.

Viewer Retention Strategies

Maintaining interest over longer videos requires creativity and engagement strategies. Influencers and content creators must master the art of pacing and content delivery. Employing strong hooks, interactive prompts, and dynamic visuals are essential to keep the audience engaged throughout longer videos. Additionally, influencers can utilise AI tools to gain inspiration and assistance in crafting and producing their content. These tools can help optimise content for viewer preferences, suggest edits for better engagement, and even generate ideas for new video topics, making them invaluable for creators looking to innovate and captivate their audiences effectively.


As the influencer marketing landscape evolves, longer video formats are becoming increasingly important. They provide a space for richer storytelling and deeper audience engagement, essential for effective influencer marketing. To remain relevant and impactful, brands and influencers need to find the right balance between short and long video formats, integrating both to cater to diverse audience preferences. If you want to stay ahead of the latest trends in the industry and are wondering what’s next, check out our detailed guide on how AI-driven strategies are shaping content creation here.

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