Time to Thank the ‘Instagram Husbands’

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We all have that one person who takes the most flattering photos that go up on our Instagram profiles without hesitation: they know the right angle, where lighting is most ample, and the perfect time to press click.

And for many lucky ladies, that person is your Instagram Husband.

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In 2015, Jeff Houghton’s hilarious PSA which portrayed the “all-too-tragic lives” of Instagram Husbands who have no choice but to get the right photo at all costs went massively viral. We all know the poor souls on the other side of those photos – Instagram Husbands, Instagram Wives, and even Instagram Kids. The PSA strikes a chord with us because it is painfully true!

But these men behind the camera are now ready to step into the spotlight.

According to The Atlantic, ‘…an Instagram Husband can be any gender and sexual orientation, and he doesn’t have to be your actual husband… It’s the person who will stop traffic to get the perfect shot, or stand endlessly in the rain while you pose for photos.’ In an interview with The Huffington Post, Shawn Garman (the husband and photographer of style blogger Julien Garman) describes what it’s like to be one. “Instagram Husband is like the new version of a man having to hold a woman’s purse, to me. You are usually in a situation where [an] image has to be taken by you with tons of people around, and you feel a bit embarrassed that you’re standing there for a full minute trying to capture the right shot.”

With the way Instagram developed into the marketing mammoth it is now, these behind-the-scenes champions are no longer the suffering men Houghton’s parody PSA portrayed. Click on #InstagramHusband on the app and you’ll see a plethora of posts depicting a dedicated partner who doesn’t mind spending so much time getting the right photo.

Instagram Husbands are now viewed as manifestly integral to the success and evolution of an entire industry. More and more, these influencer partners have embraced their role to the hilt.

Here at Narratrs, we’ve always recognized the amount of hard work that comes with being an influencer. Most of the time, they need all the help they can get in making sure a certain post looks the way it should. As influencer marketing moves faster than ever before, it has also become more competitive. This is an industry that is largely anchored on the ability of our content creators to be constantly creative and authentic. Instagram Husbands help influencers keep up with the ever-changing demands our practice, and in effect, keeps the industry evolving.

And here at Narratrs, we salute all Instagram Husbands.

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