Press Release – Narrators Named Best Influencer Marketing Software Company of 2021

The best influencer marketing software of 2021

The company was recognized as one of the most effective platforms to recruit and engage influencers across multiple social media channels.

Singapore, March 2021, a leading independent review website for small business online tools, products, and services, has named Narrators to its list of best influencer marketing software companies of 2021. The high-ranking platforms were selected based on core features and reporting tools.

The Narrators platform is expected to offer features that enable users to manage relationships with influencers, such as brief creation & publishing, influencer selection & content moderation, real-time budget depletion, payment tracking, and full campaign performance visualization & reporting.

Research experts at also assessed software that offers in-depth socio-demo, geolocation, topics and brand affinity of the influencers’ active audience, allowing for influencer matching, campaign targeting, and budget performance projections.

Additional qualifications include reporting capabilities to closely measure the campaign performance based on real-time statistics in one efficient dashboard. The Narrators real-time analytics dashboard allows users to access meaningful metrics including engagement, total reach, top contributors, and analyze the performance and efficiency of the investment to guide future budget allocation.’s research team conducted a 40-hour assessment of over 110 solutions. To access the complete list of best influencer marketing software, please visit


For the past 6 years, Narrators has been dedicated to providing brands with top of the line platform to connect with, manage and analyze influencer collaborations at scale.

Fueled by a database of 500K macro and micro-influencers across South East Asia, our platform is integrated with Facebook and Instagram, offering geographic, psychographic and performance characteristics of influencers and their audience.

Narrators was recently awarded Influencer Agency of the Year by Marketing Magazine.

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