The power of Influencer Marketing in Singapore

With rising internet connectivity in the region, Singapore’s social media landscape has been extremely growing, giving rise to the influencer marketing industry.

Influence has long been at the core of marketing, butinfluencer marketing” focuses on key opinion leaders, also known as influencers, who have the ability to influence their communities, in particular affecting their purchasing behaviours. In Singapore, these key opinion leaders are especially active on social media channels as Instagram, Snapchat and also TikTok, the new trending platform mostly used by post-millennials.

What is the exact meaning of “Influencer Marketing”?

Influencer marketing is the ability to “influence” and generate a strategic word of mouth, that significantly affect the visibility of a brand. Most of the time, an influencer has a following in a particular niche, whom they can easily engage with. Also known as “social influencers”, these key opinion leaders are becoming real social relationship assets, to help brands achieve their marketing objectives.

Today, the progress of social media platforms allowed influencers to stay instantly connected with their followers and directly interact with them. This phenomenon led to a growing number of opinion leaders – Bloggers, YouTubers, Twitter users, Facebook pages – who exercise a real social influence on their audience.

As a matter of fact, influencer marketing become marketers “Holy Grail” to reach their target audience. Being a powerful tool allowing niche targeting, boosting SEO, providing value, generating relevant leads, social influencers enables brands to successfully drive scale and greater ROI through visual storytelling and content.

The micro-influencer trend

Micro-influencers are those individuals that have between 10,000 to 50,000 followers on their social media channels. With relatively small communities and who certainly do not have performances that are numerically comparable to those of “VIPs” or “Macro-influencers” influencers, what describes them the best is their ability to generate very high-engagement value within a specific niche audience. According to the “social media trend report 2019” conducted by Hootsuite, 45% of companies worldwide have already or plan to employ micro-influencers to strengthen their marketing campaigns.

Most important in regards to the Asian market, a survey from the marketing-interactive shown that nearly 80% of the influencers in Asia are micro-influencers. These figures strongly encourage marketers in Singapore to consider micro-influencers to generate a high-engagement rate for their influencer marketing campaigns.

What are the best practices to implement an effective influencer marketing plan in Singapore? 

It is necessary to start from a correct identification of the archetypes of influencers, each of which is characterized by specific characteristics. The most recent literature on the subject identifies three main influencer clusters.

The influencers considered as “identified”, made up of influencers considered relevant to a brand, based on the specifically designed rankings, but also for the role and position held within the sector in which they operate and which appears to be relevant to the company. We can included a wide range of influencer in this cluster:

  • Celebrities who enjoy wide exposure and generate immediate actions,
  • Passionate, authoritative and independent publishers,
  • Advocates, who like to review products and services and enjoy a great reputation at their communities,
  • Altruistic activators, generally considered impartial and therefore reliable.

The second cluster includes the influencers considered as “engaged”, meaning the number of influencers with whom an initial level of interaction has already been established, from the sharing of contents on social media to the following / like. This type of involvement represents the first substantial step towards the construction of a stable and lasting relationship with a brand. It is also closely connected to the relevance of the contents published and promoted by a brand, its attractiveness, its reputation, and its evocative power.

Finally, the third cluster includes “active influencers”, who are directly involved in influencer marketing programs, and actively collaborating with brands to promote products or services. They share the vision and marry their causes, becoming true ambassadors.

Influencer Marketing trends in Singapore

According to the Straits Times, Singapore, commonly called “the South-East Asia success business hub worldwide”, welcomes about 37,400 international companies including 7,000 multinational corporations. As a matter of fact and due to the fierce competition, marketers are constantly looking for new ways to improve their marketing strategy and found in influencer marketing, a valuable weapon. Renowned as very active on social networks, Singaporean have on average 8 social accounts per user.  Here are the main markets in which influencers are generating a lot of engagement in Singapore:

  • Fashion Influencers
  • Beauty Influencers
  • Travel Influencers
  • Food Influencers
  • Fitness Influencers
  • Influencer-Entrepreneurs

What is the best tool to conduct a powerful influencer marketing campaign in Singapore? 

Following the increasing popularity of influencers on the market, at Narrators, we decided to develop a superior technology to help you manage your influencer marketing campaigns effectively. Our beautiful platform includes all the features you need to drive influencer marketing at scale.

Our main goal is to support brands to find the right influencer through a 1.5M influencer database and create authentic and outstanding marketing experience.

To achieve this goal, our smart platform, provides you the key metrics to effectively measure your campaign performance, including geographic and psychographic characteristics of influencers and their audience, as well as their average engagement rate, audience credibility score and so on..

Finally, and above all, at Narrators, you will get the chance to work with a friendly and highly dedicated team of experts in the influencer marketing industry, which will drive your campaigns to the best results.

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