Safe Travels with Allianz: Empowering Travelers with COVID-19 Coverage through Influencer Marketing



Allianz, the renowned international financial services provider, collaborated with Narrators for an upcoming travel campaign with the objective of raising awareness about travel insurance with COVID-19 coverage. With the ongoing pandemic, it was crucial to emphasize the importance of having reliable insurance while traveling.


To execute the campaign, the Narrators team strategically selected nine lifestyle micro-influencers based in Singapore. These influencers were specifically chosen for their ability to create engaging content and their relevance to the target audience. Each influencer was assigned to capture captivating content at various travel locations. To maximize impact and boost awareness, the creators were instructed to post a combination of Instagram Stories and photos, creating a visually appealing and informative narrative around Allianz’s travel insurance offerings.


In total, 19 high-quality pieces of content were generated, including engaging IG Reels, photos, and Stories. The campaign successfully reached a wide audience, delivering 210K reach and 17K meaningful engagements.

Influencers                     9
Reach                               210K
Engagements                 17K