Beyond Campaigns: XM's Long-Term Influencer Strategy for Success

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In a landscape where sourcing suitable trading or finance creators proved challenging, XM, a large, multi-regulated, and well-established international online trading platform, embarked on a strategic partnership with Narrators to enhance its influencer marketing initiatives across Singapore and Malaysia. The primary objective was to establish a robust influencer marketing strategy that could effectively bridge the gap between the trading industry and engaging content creation, ultimately fostering a deeper connection with its global audience.


Recognizing the potential of long-term influencer partnerships, Narrators and XM undertook a comprehensive approach to select and collaborate with creators. Understanding the importance of authenticity and credibility in the financial sector, the chosen influencers were carefully vetted to ensure alignment with XM’s values and compliance standards.


Starting in 2022, Narrators and XM initiated quarterly campaigns in Singapore and Malaysia, leveraging influencers’ strengths to resonate authentically with audiences. By 2023, this had evolved into an ambassador program in Malaysia, marking a shift to an ongoing engagement approach. The campaign’s focus is on deepening relationships, facilitating product launches, and enhancing XM’s presence within the trading community. Ambassadors are empowered to share in-depth insights, tutorials, and personal experiences, fostering credibility and industry expertise.

Overall, the collaborative efforts between Narrators and XM resulted in 15 successful campaigns across the region, generating hundreds of posts, millions of impressions, and hundreds of thousands of engagements. This comprehensive approach allowed XM to forge authentic connections, fortify brand trust, and solidify its position as a frontrunner in the trading sector.

Influencers                     +115
Total Following              +10.3M
Engagements                +1.2M