Labo Labo The New Era of Pore Care

Japan’s best-selling medical cosmetics skincare brand Labo labo is a hassle-free and affordable product range designed for daily use. First launched in 20013, it also uses a blend of Royal Jelly Acid to reduce sebum secretion and reduce pore enlargement.

Project Type

Instagram Influencers


15th February 2019


Labo Labo

The Brief

Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong


Labo-Labo’s The New Era of Pore Care campaign focuses on its star product: the Labo Labo Super-Keana Lotion, a mild, leave-on toner featuring the advanced Labo Labo Keana Care Complex. This is  a balanced formulation of powerful actives designed to address all four dimensions of pore care. A best-selling toner, Labo Labo lotion has sold over 30 million bottles worldwide.

The New Era of Pore Care campaign is to showcase the tangible results and efficacy of Labo Labo’s Super-Keana Lotion through before/after photos and videos from the influencers before/after utilizing the product.

Labo Labo Influencer Engagement


Labo Labo aimed to roll-out the campaign in three markets: Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong. For influencers, they wanted to build a community of female influencers aged 20-30 years old who experience the challenges of having oily skin or acne. Narrators pre-screened influencers, and even required them to submit a photo of their skin condition for final confirmation, and also facilitated ensuring they all receive samples of the product. They should also be able to commit to 1 IG story + 1 Carousel (2 photos) + 1 video post.

The requirements of the posts are as follows:

IG story: they will share that they are embarking on the Empty Bottle Challenge with Labo Labo, and that they will finish a 100ml bottle of Labo Labo lotion to achieve better tighter pores while encouraging their followers to stay tuned to see the results in one month. The should also use the hashtag #ANewEraOfPoreCare

Carousel (2 photos): Upload one photo of them after using Labo Labo New, and another photo that has a before or after comparison. In the caption, they should share about how their lifestyle puts a stress on the skin, and how Labo Labo helps tighten their pores.

Video: The video should be a maximum of 60 seconds, wherein they share their pore concerns, demonstrate how they use the product, and their own reviews of the product.

Engagement Result


51 Influencers
501,694 Reach
4,70% Engagement rate

Hong Kong

34 Influencers
238,042 Reach
4% Engagement rate


36 influencers
2,120,946 Reach
5% Engagement rate
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