How Opel partnered with Narrators to establish its brand and solidify its positioning in Singapore.

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In order to establish the Opel brand and positioning in Singapore, the company reached out to Narrators to engage local Content Creators who can showcase how the Opel brand aligns with their values and can enhance their daily lives.


The selected content creators for this campaign were given access to a bank of official images and information on Opel models. They were then tasked to edit and share the images and nuggets of information on what #ThisIsOpel means to them. Influencers were also given the creative freedom to edit the library of photos to suit their feeds, with some brand guidelines in place.


Within a 3-month period, a high frequency of social signals were generated on online using the hashtag #ThisIsOpel, effectively building brand awareness and positioning Opel as a company known for its design aesthetics, speed, and innovation. The campaign successfully reached 1.6M Singaporean Instagram users.

Posts                                176
Posts                                 1.6M
Engagements                 40K