Influencer Marketing Case Study: Pernod Ricard

Pernod Ricard Influencer Marketing Case Study


Pernod Ricard, the world’s second-largest wine and spirits brand, sought to launch their “Immagina Malfy” campaign in Singapore. The aim was to promote their Malfy Gin, a distinctive spirit that embodies the essence of Italian lifestyle, inviting consumers to embrace ‘la dolce vita’ in Singapore.


Understanding the power of engaging platforms, Narrators devised a tailored strategy focused on Instagram and TikTok. 45 lifestyle content creators were meticulously selected through the Narrators platform. Selection criteria included content quality, engagement rate, historical performance, influencer reputation, and relevance to the food and beverage industry. On the content creation front, Pernod Ricard provided each creator with a PR package, including the Malfy Gin Rosa Limited Edition Bottle, a branded drawstring bag, one hand towel, and one acrylic goblet glass. These items empowered creators to craft DIY cocktails and engaging content featuring the product


The Immagina Malfy campaign surpassed expectations, yielding a blend of 75 Instagram stories, posts, reels, and TikTok videos. These assets collectively garnered 80K engagements, surpassing projected KPIs. The tone of the content was vibrant, colorful, sensorial, and convivial, perfectly aligning with the brand’s image and the Italian lifestyle it embodies.

The campaign not only achieved its intended reach and engagement but also effectively communicated the brand’s essence and resonated with its target audience.

Influencers                    45
Total Following            535K
Engagements               80K