Empowering Trust: Influencer Marketing Success with XM in Malaysia

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XM, a renowned trading platform, had been collaborating with Narrators since 2021 on quarterly influencer campaigns to enhance brand visibility and engagement. Recognising the potential of influencer marketing to build long-term brand loyalty, XM decided to launch an influencer ambassador programme in Malaysia.


The influencer ambassador programme aimed to deepen relationships with influencers and leverage their credibility to reinforce XM’s reputation and appeal within the Malaysian market. Five influencers were meticulously selected based on various criteria including content quality, engagement rate, historical performance of their posts, influencer reputation in the market, and relevance to the trading industry.

Each ambassador was entrusted with the task of creating and publishing ongoing Instagram stories and reels that showcased XM’s features, benefits, and customer experiences. The content was tailored to resonate with their respective audiences while aligning with XM’s brand values and messaging.


The influencer ambassador programme yielded impressive results, generating 90 pieces of creative content that seamlessly integrated XM’s brand identity. The total combined followers of the ambassadors amounted to 322K, with an impressive engagement rate resulting in 520K engagements. These figures surpassed the KPIs set by XM, indicating the programme’s success in reaching and resonating with the target audience.

Through this initiative, XM not only enhanced its brand visibility but also solidified its position as a leading trading platform within the Malaysian market. The influencer ambassador programme proved to be an effective strategy in driving engagement, fostering brand loyalty, and ultimately, encouraging audience adoption of XM’s services.

Influencers                 5
Total Following              320K
Engagements            520k