How Samsung drove more than 720K engagements on Instagram for the launch of their new smartphone in Malaysia.



In the highly competitive smartphone market, Samsung wanted to generate buzz and drive sales for their new Galaxy Note 10 in Malaysia. The company turned to influencer marketing as a way to reach their target audience , drive engagement and generate positive sentiment and buzz around the product.


Samsung partnered with Narrators to identify 6 relevant Malaysian influencers in the tech and lifestyle space, with more than 50K followers on Instagram. Each influencers were required to create 6 IG photos, 4 IG videos, 30 IG stories and attend 2 Samsung events. 


The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 influencer campaign was a success in Malaysia. The campaign effectively increased awareness, generated buzz, and drove sales for the product by leveraging the influence of popular Malaysian influencers in the tech and lifestyle space. The influencer’s high quality content drove positive sentiment around the Galaxy Note 10, with many viewers expressing interest in purchasing the product.

Influencers                     6
Posts                                 240
Engagements                 723K