How Heineken partnered with Narrators to promote their Press Conference Event in Taiwan.

Heineken Case Study

Creators Activation in Taiwan


Heineken, the Amsterdam-based brewing company with probably one of the most famous beer bottles in the world, invested heavily in social media marketing to connect with their fans on a brand new level. To promote their new press conference event in Taiwan, the brand decided to partner with Narrators to invite a pool of local lifestyle content creators.


Narrators’ Creators were invited to join the press conference event of Heineken and share their own views toward the brand new Heineken concept. Each of them was tasked to post 1 photo before the event and 1 photo during the event.


80+ micro–influencers were recruited & 38 were carefully selected based on their profile, content styles as well as active audiences data of > 50% local. 200+ personalized photos & stories were created for promoting the new concept and packaging of Heineken.

Influencers                       38
Total Reach                     1.4M
Engagements                 225K