Discover how Narrators helped Senka drive awareness to over 900k TikTok and Instagram users in Singapore.



Deep Moist Serum Launch


SENKA is the No. 1 Japanese cleansing facial foam brand for 12 consecutive years. Renowned for its innovative approach, the brand came to Instagram and TikTok for the launch of its latest Deep Moisturising Serum, and chose to partner with Skincare and Beauty Creators to generate impactful media content.

Campaign Brief

To help Senka’s team achieved their goals, the Narrators team activated 30 young, lifestyle and beauty creators to post about the benefits of using the new Deep Moisturising Serum. When evaluating different platforms for this campaign, TikTok and Instagram appeared to be the best choice to tap into the GenZ audience.


A mix of 50 Instagram Posts, Stories and TikTok videos were created throughout the campaign, overdelivering on the projected reach and engagement KPIs. The content generated was bright, fresh and creative, which matches perfectly with the brand vision.

This is a straightforward proof that the smart use of TikTok’s and Instagram’s communities can result in outstanding achievements, not only in terms of reach, but also engagement and other brand-focused metrics.

Influencers                      30
Total Reach                     920K
Engagement                   55K