Studi kasus marketing influencer untuk D Program di Narrators

d program

D Program


Campaign Brief

Shiseido’s skincare brand D Program used the Narrators platform to recruit influencers according to their audience quality, content history and brand affinity (with high engagement and interest into the skincare category). Narrators influencers were tasked to submit 2 posts with a different timeline (before & after TikTok videos).


By using Narrators’ TikTok influencer search tool, D Program was able to discover and select 40 beauty & skincare micro-influencers that match its brand image and values. 80 authentic, engaging and educational posts were created during the campaign, generating 11M reach and 1.5M engagements, which over-delivered the campaign goals.

Nb of influencers           40
Total Reach                      11M
Engagement                   1.5M