Influencer marketing case study for D Program on Narrators

d program

D Program


In the realm of digital and social marketing campaigns, prioritizing authenticity right from the strategy’s inception is key. dProgram, committed to a genuinely authentic influencer marketing approach, turned to Narrators in 2021. They leveraged Narrators’ platform to select influencers based on audience quality, content history, and brand affinity – ensuring a strong connection with the skincare category and high engagement levels.


  • dProgram skin repair cream
  • Supercharge your microbiome
  • Microbiome always-on TikTok
  • New launch dProgram Microbiome


The strategy aimed to harness the influence of both Instagram and TikTok to achieve the following objectives:

  • Strengthen dProgram brand identity, especially about solutions related to skin problems.
  • Assess the authenticity of reviews and build credibility for both brands and products. 
  • Increase the brand consumption and consumer conversation on social media.


The entire campaign, from publishing the brief to influencer discovery, recruitment, campaign execution, and measurement, was seamlessly managed through the Narrators platform. dProgram successfully identified and enlisted over 280 micro and nano influencers specializing in the beauty and skincare niche. This collaboration resulted in over 890 creative social media posts, accumulating a solid 35 million reach and 10 million engagements.

Markets                            3
Nb of influencers           282
Total Reach                      35.5M
Engagement                   10.8M