Studi kasus marketing influencer untuk Samsung di Narrators



Galaxy S10

Campaign Brief

Narrators influencers were invited to join a 3 months campaign to use Samsung Galaxy S10 when they travel and create UGC content demonstrating the functionality of the mobile device. 8 influencers were carefully selected based on their content quality and styles. Influencers were also invited to exclusive brand launch events, given additional freebies like mobile phone cases and earbuds.


Each influencer was tasked to create 11 pieces of content over 3 months. Many of them created additional content as earned media. The top-performing influencers are identified to be part of the Samsung KOL community and will be invited to continue the partnership with Samsung.

Nb of influencers           8
Nb of posts                        80
Total Reach                       3,5M
Engagements                  300K