How Narrators helped Gelatissimo activate local creators to promote their new outlet opening in Sentosa.



Gelatissimo, Australia’s favourite gelato brand, decided to use the Narrators platform to activate local content creators in Singapore to promote the opening of their new gelato outlet in Sentosa. The campaign aimed to drive awareness and encourage the creators’ audience to visit the new Sentosa outlet.


The campaign was spread across 3 phases: Pre-launch, Launch and Advocacy. The selected local content creators were tasked to create content throughout the 3 phases sharing about the authentic Italian gelato experience that Gelatissimo offer. Prior to the new outlet opening, the selected Creators were invited to grab their own gelato and create content showing themselves enjoying the experience.


100 engaging pieces of content were generated throughout the campaigns, over-delivering the projected reach and engagement KPIs. The tone of the campaign was bright, fun and inspired friends and followers to grab an ice cream at the new Gelatissimo outlet!

Posts                                 100
Total Reach                     1.462M
Engagements                 68.4K